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At Home Instant Teeth Whitening Kit
with LED lighting System
  • Removes 1-3 years of stain PER treatment.
  • 8-10 (60 minute treatments) PER 10ml of gel.
  • Safe on veneers, bridges, crowns, enamel, gums and tongue.
  • Fast, easy and effective!
  • Notice a difference after the 1st treatment!
  • Kit includes: 10ml professional whitening gel, mouth piece (upper and lower), LED lighting system, shade guide, clear travel pack for storage.


10ml of Professional Whitening Gel Refill
  • Good for 8-10 (60 minute) treatments.


On-the-go instant teeth whitening Pen(s)
  • Easy to use click applicator.
  • Removes stains as they accumulate.
  • Great for target whitening, for those stubborn stains!
  • Simply smile, brush on and let dry for 30 seconds.
  • No need to rinse.
2ml pen
Good for 30 applications - 1 month supply; using 1 time per day.


4ml pen
Good for 60 applications - 2 month supply; using 1 time per day or 1 month supply using 2 times per day.



Smile Bright UV Sanitizer Case
  • Safely kills up to 99.9% of surface bacteria and viruses
  • Laboratory certified and tested.
  • Adjustable in size.
  • Universal fit for all manual toothbrushes.
  • Can be used on tweezers, makeup brushes and fingernail clippers.
  • Ideal for use at home or while traveling
The Smile Bright UV Sanitizer Case utilizes ultraviolet light to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Great for use on not only manual toothbrushes, this size adjustable sanitizer case can accommodate items such as tweezers, makeup brushes and fingernail clippers! Easy to use, this Smile Bright UV Case features a seven minute auto-shut off time once the items inside have been thoroughly sanitized.



Smile Bright Rechargeable
Slim Sonic Pulse Toothbrush

Slimsonic Brush Head

  • Contours your teeth to provide an effective clean while remaining gentle on teeth and gums.
  • High quality DuPont bristle promotes naturally whiter teeth by gently polishing off surface stains.

Professional Brush Head

  • Rubberised brush head is designed to protect your tooth enamel.
  • Extra-fine bristle reaches uneven surface or between teeth and remove plaque.
  • Tipped bristle gives a softer feel and good interdental penetration.

Interdental Brush Head

  • Specially designed shape is ideal for cleaning braces, crowns or spaces between poorly aligned teeth.
Smile Bright Rechargeable Slim Sonic Pulse Toothbrush has a slim design with powerful performance. The Slimsonic delivers 31,000 sonic pulse per minute to generate a powerful cleaning action removing plaque along the gum line and deep between teeth.

It's simple and easy to use controls offer a selection of 3 brushing modes, normal, soft for sensitive teeth and pulse for gum massage. The 2-minute timer encourages you to brush for the time recommended by dental professionals, with a 30-second interval timer that gently pauses to make sure you thoroughly brush all areas of your mouth.

The Smile Bright Rechargeable Slim Sonic Pulse Toothbrush battery will provide approximately two weeks of brushing, twice a day on a full charge. A convenient lighting ring on the toothbrushs head glows red to indicate the battery is getting low and needs to recharge.



Smile Bright Rechargeable Sonic Power Whitening Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer
  • Proved to kill over 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Fully charged toothbrush lasts for up to 2 weeks of brushing.
  • Toothbrush comes equip with a unique UV-sanitizing charger base to effectively remove
    bacteria and germs from your toothbrush the same time as recharging.
  • Smart Auto-Timer ensures adequate sanitizing of your toothbrush in 7 minutes.
  • Storage compartment hygienically stores 4 replacements brush heads designed for
    family use.
  • Includes 3 Brush Heads
  • 3 Brushing modes (Clean, Whiten and Massage)
The Smile Bright Rechargeable Sonic Power Whitening Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer has advanced sonic technology that produces 40,000 strokes per minute for powerful dynamic cleaning action. Clinically proven to be more effective in reducing plaque over a manual or oscillating toothbrush, this whitening toothbrush helps to keep your teeth healthier and stronger. One of the first whitening toothbrushes to help keep your teeth looking whiter and brighter by lifting current stains from the surface of the tooth. The toothbrush has a slight pause after 30 seconds to allow you to brush the 4 essential parts of your mouth for the total of 2 minutes which is recommended by dentists.



Children’s Sonic Electric Singing Toothbrush
Play to hear our toothbrush song

Replaceable brush head
  • Brush turns 6800 per minute
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • Dupont 612 .15 soft nylon bristles
  • Ergonomically designed with larger base easy for child to put down with out tipping over, and for easy grip.
The Smile Bright Children’s Sonic Electric Musical Toothbrush plays 2 minutes of an upbeat, happy song helping brushing to become fun allowing children get excited about brushing.
Dentists recommend soft bristles for kids so young tender gums and mouth tissue are not damaged during brushing. The bristle vibrations effectively clean teeth and keep gums healthy.
The kid-friendly power setting, which is mild, gives a gentler brushing while it removes up to 75 % more plaque in the hard-to-reach places in the mouth than a manual toothbrush.The kids electric toothbrush develops a positive self-image and teaches the child what oral hygiene is all about, and the whole time the child is having fun!